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You will find for your greatest pleasure various blog articles, which will deal with different current, historical, geopolitical subjects, of course without forgetting a lot of information about your favorite Afro application: Afric'An Sima !

Different subjects, different styles, different authors, but only one intention: the idea is to approach here simply and in the most didactic way possible the Afro world and culture. This page has no scientific claim, simply to be a relay allowing to discover or learn more about a defined theme.

We warmly invite you to leave your opinions in the comments before sharing these texts on your various social networks or to anyone who may be interested in them, in order to bring these articles, this page and through them to life: Afric'An Sima.



Superb directory, all the information is easy to find and the application is easy to use.
Robin Bouéry
A terrific app.
Superb app! Quality items! THANKS
Helene Mbilisse

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