Are you a trader or

Are you a merchant or an advertiser?
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Key Benefits

Register your business or event in our directory
grants you many advantages.

Get better visibility for your event or business by listing it in our directory.

Be an integral part of a network highlighting Afro-descendant businesses and events.

Thanks to our administration interface, modify in real time all the information relating to your registration.

How is the administration going

When you have a registration on Afric'An Sima, you have access to an administration interface which allows you to easily modify the information concerning your advertisement.

Access to a user account

You will receive a username and password allowing you to access your account.


Quick and easy online modification

Once connected, modify your information in real time from your internet browser.

Afric'An Sima, the business directory
and Afro-descendant events

His future
Your subscription

List your business or event in the directory

To list and administer one or more businesses / events in our mobile directory, it is necessary to register using the registration form and take out a subscription.

Regular and long-term updates of our directory

The mobile directory is bound to evolve over time. Updates are already planned, in particular to add new languages ​​and new categories.

5 types of subscription are available
your disposition

You can take out a subscription to offer a service to individuals, register a business or publish an event in our mobile directory.

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