Afric'An Sima: what is it?

Afric'An Sima: the directory application of Afro-descendant businesses and businesses.

You do not know where to find a hairdresser who will know how to take care of your frizzy hair? Are you looking for a grocery store that sells cassava?

Are you looking for cosmetic products adapted to your skin, products manufactured in a traditional way? Do you want to contact a sports coach with the same physical qualities as you? You simply want to address the Afro-descendant community, the different diasporas and support their businesses? The only question you will ask yourself each time is: Where can I find my happiness and quality products?

The geographical constraints of the peripheral regions, the anonymity of the cities, the lack of visibility of alternative businesses are obstacles that hinder the development, reputation and recognition of these businesses.

European diasporas such as the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese diasporas are powerful and respected. Everyone is aware of the existence of a Spanish or Portuguese center in such and such a city. What about African diasporas?

The Afro-descendant community has many talents within it, which are often too little known because too little exposure.

Afric'An Sima offers through its application a directory to search and find businesses and offers offered by Afro-descendants. Finding happiness and supporting the community is a way of life that we can adopt thanks to the Afric'An Sima application.

By reaching out to our small businesses and businesses for our daily needs, it will make the difference for them! For this we present to you the application we all need: Afric'An Sima!

Unity is strength…